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At Cineteller® Productions we have a core team that works in-studio and on location to develop your story and produce the final film. We also have an extended family of cinematographers, designers and digital artists that we draw upon as needed to “make it EPIC!”

Troy Campione, Ph.D.

Founder and Creative Director

Troy left the start-up world to pursue his lifelong passion for creative storytelling, cinematography and music. Prior to founding Cineteller® Productions he excelled as a Business Development Executive for several successful high technology companies on the East and West Coasts. He knows technology and how to pitch it. He crafted and successfully executed more than $350 million in joint development agreements over the course of a 15+ year business career. At Exxon he led billion dollar businesses in the Chemicals sector and was responsible for the safe operations of some of the world’s largest manufacturing facilities. Since his earliest days, Troy dabbled in the creative arts as an aspiring filmmaker (multi-contest winner), actor/screenwriter (Popeyes Fried Chicken commercials, original slogan), and musician (lead guitarist for New Orleans new wave and rockbands and now performing at Calvary Church - Los Gatos). If your company needs a creative perspective conveyed through cinematic media Troy is in a unique position to deliver.

Andrew Wilson

Lead Animator & Post Production Supervisor

Born and raised in Jersey (just outside of Philadelphia) Andrew first learned traditional animation from a Disney animator some 25 years ago. He has since gone on to create character animations and motion graphics for the video game industry, network tv and sporting venues across the U.S.. When he’s not at his graphics tablet, Andrew enjoys photography, baseball and spending time with his wife and two dogs, not necessarily in that order.

Liam Campione

Visual Effects Artist

Liam, a Bay Area native, began editing video game montages at the age of 9, and just a few years later was editing Youtube videos for pro gamers. He has since created award-winning visual effects and short films across a variety of genres. In his spare time he enjoys making music, non-stop wins in Fortnite, and loitering at the local taco truck.

Jennifer M. Simon

Assistant Director & Filmmaker

Jennifer’s passion for cinema began with her involvement at the High Desert International Film Festival in her hometown of Pahrump, NV. She went on to complete her B.A. in Cinema Studies at the University of Oregon, and has worked on a variety of projects with filmmakers from around the globe.

Brett Dohmen

Filmmaker & Marketing Specialist

Brett is a San Jose native with a BA in Film and Media Production from Arizona State.
A multi-talented tour-de-force, he edits, he operates cameras, he acts, and he markets. Passionate about storytelling, Brett aims to write and direct screenplays in the near future.

Peter Segura

Post Production Motion Graphics Lead

Peter is a filmmaker with over a decade in the trenches of editing, visual effects, and motion graphics. He has a B.S. in Digital Film & Video Production. He likes to find time to squeeze in video games, but also experiments with creating passive and interactive Virtual Reality experiences.

Hiba Absar

Assistant Producer

Hiba is a Bay Area native, who has been making videos since she was 8 years old! She attended film school
in London where she earned her BA in Practical Filmmaking. Now Hiba has her finger in many pies as she helps to orchestrate the diverse production side of our business, from roadshow films to features.

Madison Campione


Currently studying Film & Television Production at the University of Southern California, Madison co-wrote and directed our award-winning theatrical short, Remembrance, and is now working on the script for an upcoming feature film which she plans to direct. Madison has been involved in the production of eighteen short films and videos since the age of ten and climbs rocks in her free time.

Steve Young

Production Specialist

Hailing from the UK, Steve boasts more than 25 years experience working in the TV/ studio production and video industry. Steve has developed extensive hands-on expertise across all phases of pre and post-production including a mastery of audio capture and lighting.

Jim Rieder

Composer and Sound Engineer

A jack of all sonic trades, and a master of many, Jim's award winning sounds complement our visual storytelling perfectly! His latest contributions can be heard in the Despegar Roadshow film. Jim also spends a lot of his time scoring Hollywood movies and trailers!

Eileen Turner

Graphic Designer and Art Director

Born and raised in New York City. Graduated from SUNY with a BFA in design. Eileen founded Eye for Design in Manhattan and specializes in corporate communications, branding and design.

Julie Krigel

Presentation Design and Corporate Communications

Born and raised in San Jose. Graduated UCLA with a BA in design. Julie specializes in corporate communcations, ID and branding.

Mark Keavney

Post Production Specialist

At first Mark used his Doctorate in Psychology from Stanford to design user experiences. Now he leverages that discipline along with developed skills in editing, visual effects and motion graphics to create visual delights for his customers.

Shannon Solis


An Austin Texas native, Shannon is an extraordinary filmmaker who serves up a saucy, award-winning editorial style and brings loads of hands on production experience to the table. He has applied his creative flair to everything from reality TV to documentaries to corporate mega-events while maintaining his sanity and dry sense of humor. Shannon and his cowboy hat are both invaluable assets to the Cineteller team.

Scott MacDonald


After a twelve year career in photojournalism, Scott is now an accomplished freelance photographer and videographer focusing on editorial, commercial work and pro audio.

Dereck Hoekstra


Born and raised in San Jose, Dereck is an award-winning director, cinematographer and producer. Dereck’s documentary work took 1st prize at the Social Issues Film Festival and he has completed more than 60 projects for a variety of commercial clients.