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Why choose us?
We craft epic stories.
We understand business and technology.
We shoot with 4k cinema cameras.
We produce stunning visuals.
We create original music.
We work fast and efficiently.
We do this all in-house.

Who is Cineteller Productions?

Cineteller® Productions is a one-stop-creative-shop that specializes in short form, cinematic storytelling, combining narrative, custom animation, live action shooting and original music composition to deliver stunning short films that deliver business results. We take care of all aspects of pre-production, production and post production.

Our creative director’s background as a seasoned business development executive, dealmaker and technology expert enables us to understand even the most complex of technologies/businesses across a diversity of industries and deliver compelling, on-point messaging that generates results.

We collaborate directly with companies of every size and stage of development, as well as marketing, public relations and advertising agencies.  Our short films and video spots have helped startup companies to Fortune 500 corporations win business, raise funds, and stand out from the crowd.

Our unique, integrated approach enables us to deliver high production quality media in a very short timeframe to our customers’ delight.

Throughout the process, we never lose focus on our primary objective: to captivate, to evoke emotion and to motivate your audience to action. We are passionate and committed to our work.